gFur is a free shell based fur solution for Unreal Engine 5

Binaries are available on Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Binary for Unreal Engine 5.3 preview1.
Binary for Unreal Engine 4.27.

Source code is available on GitHub.


  • free for commercial use
  • gFur shell generating component and gFur standard and advanced materials
  • static mesh and skeletal mesh support
  • set of in editor brushes for fur grooming
  • LODs
  • highly optimized physics
  • shell bias (pushing the shells to outer regions where slicing is the most visible)
  • noise for shell vertices along normal to break up the slicing

Sample files, gFur materials/shaders and textures:
Content data coming with gFur and gFur PRO might be hidden by default. To get access to them, you have to tell the “Content Browser” to show you the plugin content.

Help and documentation:

An introduction to shell based fur technique
Creating “Spline Guides” and “Mesh Guides”
Setup in Unreal Engine
Textures and masks
Optimization tips
Creating and using LODs
Generating fur guides in Unreal Engine with gFur PRO
Grooming fur in Unreal Engine with gFur PRO
Exporting gFur splines to Unreal Engine’s hair system