Exporting gFur guides to Unreal Engine hair system

gFur is using spline guides that are growing from mesh vertices and the effect of dense fur is achieved by “trickery“. Unreal’s hair system on the other hand is using dense hair, simulating every single hair. To get the dense hair from gFur’s spline guides, the export process involves generating extra splines that are interpolated from the spline guides.

Exporting gFur groom to Unreal Engine hair system is pretty easy:

  1. First we have to setup gFur and generate “New Splines” which must be saved somewhere in your Content folder
  2. Then we groom the fur with gFur brushes
  3. After we are done with grooming, we hit “Export Splines” and save in desired location. A pop up window will ask about how dense we want our splines be. This should be higher than 1 to get dense hair. This step will export the splines into Alembic format.
  4. Finally, we import the splines from step 3 and we can use them with Unreal’s hair system.