gFur PRO is an advanced version of our free gFur plugin. It supports skeletal and static meshes and has an advaced shader that allows you to blend between two sets of fur strand thicknesses. Furthermore, there is support for fur clumping, wind effect and the package contains a few more fur patterns and noise textures (plus the bonus deer).

gFur free and gfur PRO are available for Unreal Engine at the moment. Let us know if you would like to see a different engine supported.


• gFur shell generating component and gFur standard and advanced materials
• static mesh and skeletal mesh support
• LODs
• highly optimized physics
• shell bias (pushing the shells to outer regions where slicing is the most visible)
• noise for shell vertices along normal to break up the slicing

Help and documentation:

An introduction to shell based fur technique
Creating “Spline Guides” and “Mesh Guides”
Setup in Unreal Engine
Textures and masks
Optimization tips
Creating and using LODs
• FAQ and tips